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August, 2011


August 26th, 2011

Our latest adventure:

Last week, I discovered a ginourmous snake in our chicken yard that had been stealing our eggs. We caught it and took it down the road and turned it loose. We immediately started getting five eggs a day again. Success, and end of story, right?

Well, no...

The egg count has been slowly declining again and the only reason we got two eggs today was because Evangeline watched the hens sitting on the nest and got them out as soon as they were laid. I knew we would be encountering Ms. Snake again soon.

Today was that day, apparently. Evangeline went out to feed and water the chickens and came back to tell us that the snake was back. I was kneading bread, so sent Kat out to capture said snake.

BIG snake

We didn't want this thing coming back again, and I wasn't ready to kill it (though it probably would have been tasty after a diet of yard eggs), so we decided to take it WAY down the road this time.

Savannah's car (Brenda) has been parked in our yard since she left for Philmont, and she's been asking me to be sure we drive it occasionally, just to be sure it still runs, because she's planning to sell it at the end of the year. "Aha!", says I, "We'll use her car to go let this thing go, thereby killing several birds with one stone". (I didn't really want the thing in MY car anyway.)

SO, we hopped in her car, not bothering to grab my driver's license or put on any feminine undergarments, (because we were only going up the road, after all, and this IS Sellersville) and headed down to Camp Henderson.

We drove a little ways down Camp Henderson Road, which is little more than a logging trail and let the booger go. She got loose just as we were getting out of the car and slithered around loose in the back seat and under the front seats for a little bit until we finally persuaded her to get OUT of the car and into the woods.

The road was so narrow that I decided to try backing out instead of trying to turn around, since the sides of the road are so sandy. I didn't want to get stuck in the sand on top of everything else.

So there we were...backing up...when I saw a car approaching. Not just any car...a SHERRIF'S CAR. My first thought was that Savannah's car has no tag, and no insurance, since Savannah transferred her registration to her new car. My second thought was that I didn't have my driver's license on me, and my third thought was the sad lack of the aforementioned feminine undergarment.

We just smiled at the sheriff and kept backing up. When we finally reached the paved road, I swung around and let the sheriff's car go past me, which it did...WHEW!!! We followed at a safe and hopefully non-suspicious distance until the sheriff went past the end of our road and we turned gratefully in and went home.

Thus ended our latest adventure. Who says nothing happens in Sellersville!


August 23, 2011

Tomorrow my baby girl turns 21 It's hard to believe that she is that age already!

Nathaniel turned 18 in May and started college yesterday. Or as he puts it, "My first day of school EVER!".

Katherine will be sixteen in November and is looking forward to getting her driver's license. Evangeline will be 12 next month and is looking forward to being able to brush her teeth without adult supervision (check the label on the tube of toothpaste...hehe!)

Me? I will finally turn 49 in November. One of the advantages of growing up as the baby of the family is the feeling of always being younger than everyone else and feeling accomplishment at finally reaching a certain age.

Life is sweet here in Sellersville. I am enjoying these slower days with the children at home and am trying to savor every single moment I have with them. When I had my first child I thought I would be immersed in babyness forever, but as I've learned since then, the days fly by way too swiftly!






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