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Katherine is approaching the end of her high school days. She's down to a few academic courses and her electives. If she gets herself in gear, we'll have a graduation within the next year. More details as that develops...

We are currently using American School of Correspondence for our high school. Both of the older children earned their diploma with this school, as well as both of my brothers and myself. It's not an extremely academic path, but it does give the kids an accredited diploma for a very affordable price. It's my opinion that the individual can continue their education in any way they desire after they graduate, so this has been the path we have chosen. It's worked well for us so far. On an additional note, it works well to teach my children about 'secular worldview', as they are exposed to it in their studies, but still have the autonomy to be able to do their own thinking on the subject.

We used an eclectic mix of books for elementary school, but got most of our curriculum from CLASS. We particularly liked Saxon math.

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