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September, 2011

September 06, 2011

A quick update here...

The crew went camping over the weekend despite the presence of Tropical Storm Lee. We got wind and rain, but nothing terribly unpleasant. We even managed to fit in some swimming (in the rain), some ultimate, a hike (also in the rain), some Jedi training, and some sitting around and gabbing. My favorite moment from the weekend was hearing Doug ask Daniel, age two, "What does Admiral Ackbar say?", and hearing Daniel shout, "It's a trap!"

My tent ended up wet inside (apparently the floor is no longer water resistant) and full of fire ants. The rest of the crew slept in hammocks or cots under the pavilion. We finally packed out on Sunday morning and headed home.

The wind and rain picked up considerably, so we were glad we weren't still at camp. Monday was fairly intense with LOTS of wind and rain. Today dawned clear and cold and GORGEOUS, with temperatures in the sixties!

After the snake incident last week, I parked Savannah's car in a different spot. Yesterday I looked out in the yard and noticed that one of the tires seemed to be a lot lower than the rest of the car. On further investigation I found that the front left tire is sunken into the earth up to the rim. Apparently I parked over the sewer line (!). I don't think there is any damage to the sewer line, but we haven't managed to get the car out yet. All the wet soggy earth is causing the tires to spin instead of giving me traction to back out. Today, with the sun shining, we plan to go out there and try again, using boards or something to increase traction under the back wheels.

And speaking of cars...Katherine drove my car down the lane to the mailbox and managed to knock the passenger side mirror off the car. I suppose, considering that she is my third child to drive and this is the first incident of body damage to one of my vehicles (not counting theirs of course!), I should be grateful. Sigh!

Tonight Katherine is auditioning for a play in Atmore. She may not get a part this time, as there is only one spot available for her age and there will most likely be other more experienced actresses there. The company (GECA) will be doing To Kill a Mockingbird later, and both girls are hoping for a part in that play.

I'm looking forward to a peaceful and busy fall season with my children and extended families (homeschool, church, and scouts). May God bless you!








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